I’m happy to help brands, bloggers, recipe writers, editorial teams, design and marketing agencies, and chefs consistently bring their food to life on a page or on a screen.

The world that we live in is supersaturated with images that move quickly. There is a lot of visual noise. You need your content to communicate who you are, or the theme of the project, efficiently.

There is an opportunity to set yourself apart with the quality and consistency of the photos you use to engage your audience. The same care and conviction that you put into building your business and creating your product should always be evident to your audience, even with something as fleeting as social media. Always bring the best version of your brand. Not only does it show your potential customers that you value your work, but it shows that you value them.


If you are looking for written content such as recipes or essays, I have experience with that, too. I regularly developed recipes as part of my positions in restaurants and currently contribute to websites in addition to working with businesses to produce all-inclusive content. Often discussed as content marketing, sharing relevant, quality images and information establishes you as a knowledgeable leader in your field. This helps you grow your audience without being 100% sales-oriented. It positions you to value community over a quick sale.


Occasionally I will work on projects that are more documentary in nature. If you’re looking for a journalistic approach to a food or agriculture related subject, feel free to contact me.