Before we discuss “how much it will be,” we need to have a conversation, because it really depends on you. I need to find out about your brand or your project by asking a few basic questions, and then I’ll formulate a visual language that will speak to your audience. This is not as complicated as it sounds. It leads the way for styling -the photographic leg of branding- and clarifies the intention behind the shoot(s).


Comprehensive shoots include prep, photography, styling, and post-production for everything from editorial to social media.

There is no flat rate in this field. There are so many variables. Everything (from the food, lighting, assistants, props, location, etc.) costs money and every project is different. Please consider the budget and logistics for your project before contacting me about a shoot.

I often hear that “someone who doesn’t list prices must be really expensive.” That’s not necessarily the truth. It’s just not cut and dry. It depends on what you need.

I would love to chat with you about your project!

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